Welcome to LoLITA!


LoLITA is a research group of Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). It agglutinates researchers who are interested in the mathematical/formal aspects of Computing and its applications. Our interest areas include, among others:

  1. Fuzzy Logics and Systems
  2. Non-classical Logic and Its Applications
  3. Formal Specifications
  4. Automated Reasoning
  5. Interval Computations
  6. Domain Theory
  7. Automata Theory and Its Applications
  8. Mathematical Morphology and Its Applications
  9. The use of Computers in Education
  10. Models of Computation
  11. Safe and Secure Systems

Objective: The requirements of  new generation systems such as: interactivity, performance, suitability, low risk, quality, accuracy, validity, reliability, etc impose the integration of various technologies and paradigms. In parallel, the application of advanced technologies, a theoretical basis that supports the development of such systems is another key requirement. The purpose of our group is to develop research, promoting the deepening of those key technologies and integrating them, as well as developing the theoretical basis needed for the application of this research in order to enable the development of hybrid systems. It is also our goal to spread this work by the generation of technology, effective implementation of the various productive sectors of our society, beyond the generation of trainers through our scholars and students.


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